beginners wiring question: 1pu/1vol wiring


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this may be a very silly question.. I stayed away from wiring until now, so except for some basic soldering, I don't have much experience..

I am finishing up a project which has a 86 Japanese Fender body (the ones with the System I trems) and it has one HB and one Volume, no Tone.
I thought that this was simple enough for me to begin with, but I accidentally threw away the original wiring & parts (which I originally meant to use as example).
Does anybody have a scheme for this type of wiring? also (This is probably the most stupid part of the question) since I don't have a tone knob on this one, does that mean I don't need a capacitor? or do I still need one for the volume pot? 
Jack, I followed your link to that guitar  Thanks, awesome site, and the prices look good too. Now back to that site to brouse
Thought everyone knew that site, good prices on wiring harnesses for practically all applications.