Been busy trading

TBurst Std

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So been been busy doing so trades over the last 2 days. Had a couple items not being used that translates to 4 that should be.

1st trade: Lakland 55-02. Gotten no use since I got the Dingwall. Traded it for a 40th Anniversary Jazz Bass and a cv60s Fretless Jazz Bass.

2nd trade: Gretsch White Falcon. (This went away as even after 8 years I can’t convince my wife it wasn’t my exes fav). Playing it always brought a discussion. It’s gone and in its place is a Gretsch 6xxx Setzer Hot Rod and a Stingray bass
Same i am selling some old overdrives and getting somethings i know i will use on my new amp an the ones that i am am letting go will not be missed 😀