Bass Neck Radii


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Searched to see if it’s been mentioned before, but didn’t turn anything up (also looks like the suggestions sub forum has been merged with general discussion?)…

Anyone know if other neck radii are off-menu options for jazz and precision bass necks? I’m personally a big fan of the 7.25” radius of old jazz basses, especially for fretless since it feels a bit more similar to an upright neck that way.

If not, this is a suggestion to warmoth: offer more than just a 10” radius for bass necks.


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There are no options for those for bass necks, which is why it cannot be found on the website.

You could try contacting Warmoth sales via email or calling them to see if it is an off menu option, though I suspect it is not.

Though, if you want a 7.25 radius for fretless, it would be an easy mod to turn a 10" radius into a 7.25 with a radius sanding block or have someone do it for you.