Bad neck pocket?


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I have a swamp ash tele body and two different necks I purchased from Warmoth. For both necks, I have to use a shim to raise the neck in the pocket (thickest part of shim toward headstock).

Assuming I didn't get two bad necks, I'm assuming the neck pocket wasn't cut quite level. Not sure how this happens on CNC machines. Seems like a large lot would have the same issues.

Is it worth trying to level the pocket or just stick with the shims?
What kind of bridge rout did you get on the body? And what kind of bridge (including manufacturer and model) are you installing?

Some bridge routs (conventional tune-o-matic, e.g.) involve an inclined floor in the neck pocket like what you describe. And some bridges have thicker base plates than others, which can sometimes result in shims being necessary to bring the neck surface and bridge saddles into alignment.
Not sure about the bridge route. It was a body already cut and available. I have a Joe Barden typical tele bridge with brass saddles.
Okay, with a standard Tele-style bridge, there's no good reason to expect a sloping pocket floor. Whether to continue with the shim or to level the floor of the pocket is really up to your own taste, discretion, and capacity to do or farm out the work. If it's really chapping your hide, contact Warmoth - perhaps it's a manufacturing defect that merits some accommodation.