Awesome find on ebay


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Ooh, this is out on ebay. Expensive, but MAN! for once there's a well-put-together one out there, eh?
If it's set up and put together and wired correctly, that's about what I think it's worth, but we all know about the resale of "parts" guitars.  I wouldn't pay that, although some of the forum guys do Warmoth finished builds for customers that go for 2 grand.
nah, I wasn't even thinking about buying it . . . I just thought everything on it "just worked" together really well visually, which I honestly can't say for many ebay W's. Most of them just look very partsy, the neck don't look good with the body, the knobs are some non-matching custom crap the guy thought looked cool, etc. Just thought the black pg on black looked sharp, I guess.
Yea, it is a great looking bass, and I definitely know what you mean when you say "partsy" haha.

There was a green sparkle jazzmaster on there a few weeks ago that I was dying for.
this one has a pretty body, but even it is kinda partsy. I mean, who the heck puts a maple neck on a body like that? It just don't match IMO.  :dontknow:
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