Are there any alternatives to Warmoth Superwide?


It's funny, because I have been thinking of getting a 1-7/8 -ish neck for a long time,
maybe seven years, and I talk to lots of people about it.  Most seem to steer me
toward a San Dimas Charvel, Ibanez  AH10  (Holdsworth Model)  or the Carvin
Holdsworth models.  I have also been lurking here for a while, and searched.

But the Warmoth Superwide neck, though one would think a lot of big-handed
or big-fingered folks would try it, doesn't seem to be too popular.  I am really
ready to order one in 16"  all the way up, and boat contour as well, with 6100s.

My question is, are there any alternatives at all in the custom neck world,
or does Warmoth have a total monopoly?  Thanks for reading even if
you don't have an opinion...

(bringing thread back from the dead)
I tried the "Big Lou"
It arrived missing the truss rod.  But worse, the fret were not straight, not parallel.  They were cocked randomly, obviously the fret slots in the fingerboard were hand-cut without any kind of guide!  Fortunately, the refund and apology was prompt, at least he's an honest businessman.
Wow....zombie thread. :)

To clarify: the Big Lou is not a Warmoth product. I had never heard of them before, so I went and Googled. Their website sort of had a "Big & Tall Men's Wear" vibe.

Arrived missing the truss rod? Yikes.
Big Lou Neck

hmm.... $80 = you get what you pay for. Missing truss rod wouldn't be all that strange at that price, especially if they're being hand made and not sourced in an Asian factory. It's a very niche thing, so I'm not surprised there aren't more options.

Then again. . . there is another custom guitar company in Puyallup, Washington (the name of which we must not speak!  :laughing7:) that does a superwide, but not with a standard strat heel.

Edit: just looked a little more at the site, and they are sourced in China.
My Warmoth Superwide fits a standard neck pocket in a standard body, but the heel is rather ridiculous mounted that way.  I'm hoping to reshape it some, as IMHO it looks terrible.  Grade of D- on the heel design, or not providing some different spec for the body to fit.  This was a new build, and I had the body custom made with nice flame maple top, but the superwide's neck mount looks absurd.  Lots of problems with bridge width string spacing and pickup string spacing too, and way too little info or guidance from Warmoth. And this isn't my first rodeo...must be pretty confusing for a newbie.
Resurrecting a dead thread again.

First of all, the heel design on the super wide is Grade A+ and  not "...Grade of D-..." as somebody else suggested. The neck is beveled down from the 16th fret to the end so it can fit in the standard fender sized 56mm neck pocket. The fretboard overhangs the neck at this point.

It's hard to see how it could have been done any other way. The super wide neck expands to 60.53mm at the 22 fret, it simply wouldn't fit in the neck socket without some trimming. Either the heel of the neck get trimmed down or the pocket in the body has to be expanded.
Expanding the neck pocket gets away from the whole replacement neck concept.

That's all
NutBehindTheGuitar said:
It's hard to see how it could have been done any other way.

Well Warren DeMartini's early Charvels had 1-7/8" nut width or close to it... but had a standard neck heel. As the widest Floyd nut is 1-3/4", there was quite a bit of overhang left, so that didn't matter. But really... I don't see why the heel would need to be wider anyway? It's not like the string spacing is any wider at the bridge...  :dontknow: