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So it looks like I stirred up a little controversy on the forum :-\. I'm going to explain myself as clearly as possible, and hopefully we can get back to talking axes and such.

First of all, I have nothing against homosexuals. I have 2 jobs, my second being a part-time cashier at a grocery store that I wont name because it only exists in the southeast, where I would say less than 10% of the people here live. Anyway, I work with 2 homosexuals, and am currently giving serious consideration to letting one start cutting my hair (hes in cosmetic school). Though I may disagree with their lifestyle, I have nothing wrong with them whatsoever. In fact I get along with the 2 of them quite well. Heres the thing: I have heard both of them use the words "gay" in a derogatory manner. One in fact got mad at someone the other day and called him a fagg*t. Maybe its just a regional thing, but its not a big deal here. People know its synonymous with "suck" or "stupid". That being said, I apologize to anyone, especially homosexuals, that I may have offended.

Second, as far as the numerous accusations of me just wanting to start crap. Um, if you look at all my other posts, you'd see I get along with others quite well, when they are civilized and dont attack me. I actually have more of a life than to get my kicks and giggles out of ticking other people off that I dont even know. I started that thread to see what people saw in a particular shape of guitar, and about 5 people actually answered me.

Oh, and I think I saw someone describe me as something like a "sad little man". If you think 6', 210 is little, then you need to call jenny craig

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All good here. I don't remember you continuing off that comment, so... yeah. You're fine with me.


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It takes a strong man to admit he was out of line (and to avoid further war, i am not implying that you did anything wrong, just that your apologizing for whatever you did do.)

I strongly hope that everyone else who flew off the handle follows suit.