Anybody ordering form Warmoth - I need 2 decals!


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I am in dire need of two "Smoked Chrome" metallic decals from Warmoth - to have to invent another $17.50 worth of stuff and then pay another $7.50 for shipping violates my religious principles, like  - (save money for crap you really need, like more guitars). Is anybody out there ordering something from Warmoth that isn't going to take 6 weeks, and could tack on a couple stickers? I would pay the next $2 if it kicks you into the next shipping bracket, to wit: $3.75 X 2 = $7.50 + $2 = $10 total. :help:

(I'll let you be my spiritual disciple too, I have much to teach, Grasshoppah)
Hey, Stub, did you ever resolve this?  I will be ordering my hardware tomorrow (seperate from my body and neck, which need extra work and will take longer).  I have no problem throwing a couple O decals in there.  Let me know, either here or via PM. 
I have two smoked chrome Warmoth decal on hand, I will let you have them both for 10 dollars including shipping.

OOPS on a second thought (I just ran a quick check) all I got is one gold and 2 chrome on hand...