Another completed Jazzmaster


Here are some pics of my completed Jazzmaster project.  I had a great time building it although I wouldn't recommend applying a tung oil finish in the Pacific NW during the winter to anyone!

The body is alder with a flame maple top and the neck is vintage modern in flame maple (obviously).  The pickups are Seymour Duncans with a vintage in the neck and a hot in the bridge.  Other than that the parts are all basic stuff that came from Warmoth.

This is my first electric guitar and I'm having a blast learning how to play it well (I've been playing bass for 15 years now so I understand the basics).  Thanks to Warmoth for making such beautifully crafted products, and thanks to you guys on these forums for answering my questions about finishing and what not.





Not really my style of a guitar personally you understand, but very nicely executed I'd say - beautiful pieces of wood there. I have the same tuners on my Tele which is knocking around somewhere - try the link in my sig.
Boy I love the shape of a Jazzmaster! This one looks gorgeous, really nice top you got there. Love the finish too!
That is a beautiful guitar.  The body wood, pickguard and pickups all look wonderful together.  The flame maple top is a great color.  It seems darker.  Is it stained?
Did you say that was a flamed maple neck?  Sorry I don't see the flame!  JK  :laughing7:  That is an all around gorgeous guitar.  Nice work for a bass player!
Thanks for the compliments guys!  There was actually no staining involved, just 100% Tung oil from Woodcrafters.  I wasn't expecting the top to come out so dark, but I am totally happy with the results.  I guess there is a bit of variation in color for maple.  I always thought it was all light blond until I built this guitar.