angled humbucker

The first time I saw an angled humbucker was on EVH's red, white, and black striped guitar.
I think his intention was to better align the polepieces with the E strings.
(No F spaced pickups around at that time)

In the old prehistoric B.E. days (Before Eddie) the only way to get the top and bottom "E" strings to pass over a polepiece was to angle the primitive, early, narrow caveman humbuckers. Of course, if you want it to actually WORK right you want the strings to go over BOTH polepieces, so the Moses of pickup design, Larry DiMarzio, mutated a wider-spaced humbucking, called "F-spaced." Or maybe he was more like King James.*
(The reason Vah Halen sounded so awful was that his pickup didn't WORK right, of course)

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