anderson style 2-screw neck pocket


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Hi. What do you think about Anderson style 2-screw neck pocket? At Anderson website is written this:

"Anderson Guitars have always been known for attention to every aspect of guitar building—including an extremely precise and tight-fitting traditional 4-bolt neck joint—featuring our own contoured-heel design for increased upper-register playability and comfort. But now appearing on all our guitars, with the exception of the Crowdster, is an Anderson addition to guitar tradition with the introduction of a new neck joint that seems to be held together by only two bolts. But things are not as they first appear. Known as the A-Wedgie, this neck joint is a dynamic leap forward in how a body and neck come together to form the whole.The force that binds the neck to its body is an all-new neck-to-body union known as the A-Wedgie neck joint. This exclusive Anderson-designed, A-shaped architecture is completely revolutionary to the electric guitar industry. A fully-enclosed neck joint (not open on any side but completely surrounded on all sides by body wood) is, technically speaking, a 3-dimensional trapezoidal wedge . It is this 3-dimensional trapezoidal wedge (the A-Wedgie) structure itself that completely locks the body to the neck. Traditional neck-bolts are no longer needed to keep the neck from shifting laterally (sideways).What this means to the guitar player is a neck that can never move out of perfect alignment, while still maintaining a constant-pressure-union for the ultimate in sonic transfer between body and neck. And, with a larger contact surface than previous neck joints, more sound is undoubtedly invited to travel throughout the length of the instrument. Since the entire responsibility for immovably unifying this type of neck joint falls squarely onto the shoulders of the advanced structure of the joint itself, two machine screws, located at the sveltely sculpted neck-heel, are way more than overkill for keeping it all together."

Also I think this could work together with the Warmoth Pro necks with side-adjustment Gotoh device. But I am no sure. What do you think about this option?
Warmoth is Fender licensed, this gives the company status and money as Fender is the #1 guitar company in the world and the desire of the majority of guitarists. I don't see Warmoth abandoning their Fender licensed parts to go for Anderson licensed parts and I don't know if Anderson would ever approve this.
I know. But this was ment as a suggestion for an additional option. Nobody said that Warmoth should now be Anderson licensed parts maker. But as Warmoth do a lot more options than Fender offers it could be nice to have this option of course for some added cash since as you can read the Anderson 2-screw solution has many benefits. And I don't thing there would be so much trouble using a concept originated to Anderson guitars as it is not a problem for other than Fender companies to do classic bolt-on 4-screw necks although Fender was the first company to invent it.
You're asking for a completely different neck pocket design and neck heel design.  Both would require new programming and tooling and would not be an inexpensive undertaking for a small market.  With that said, I've played a few Andersons and the neck pocket design is pretty cool.
Anyone who says "the ultimate in sonic transfer" in their ad copy is full of it in my opinion.  I'm looking at you, Herr Hannes.
cooler23 said:
To dbw: Sorry, but I don't understand... :sad:

Mr Hannes is the designer of a new bridge from Schaller, he came once andmade 1 or 2 posts only telling his bridge was "revolutionary, the ultimate..." then nevermore came...
Additionally, Warmoth has "friendly relations" with a host of other manufactures, with the agreement that their items will not be emulated, professional courtesy.

It probably works O.K., as well as anything else - if things aren't rattling or moving around, I truly wonder how much tighter-than-tight parts can EVER ACTUALLY BE? Given the
~ total lack of comparative (measurable, repeatable...) data regarding the benefits ~ - ahem -
of ANY "tighter-than-tight" system, about all you can say is - "Well, you'll be buying replacement necks from Anderson the rest of yer life...." :toothy12:


I'm real, real, real sure Warmoth isn't going to be making Taylor necks, or Ibanez necks, or custom mortise 'n' tenon necks or any stuff - Umm, why would they? :icon_scratch: I do think it would be cool if they were to offer the machine screw/neck inserts as an option, it's Fenderable and so many of the custom & high-end guys are going there that it's going to be industry-standard in a few decades anyway, so why not.

I, personally, just invented a better mousetrap:


Just don' ask me why.... :hello2: Don't ask me how it works either, just send money....
I, personally, just invented a better mousetrap:


Just don' ask me why.... :hello2: Don't ask me how it works either, just send money....

Actually the M224 is just an update to Edgar Brandt's design from the late 1920's that eventually become the M2 60mm mortar first deployed by the US in 1940, nicely timed pic, though....