Am I the only one who wants one of these?

I think all the new Gretsch line is hot, even the cheap Chinese ones.  Props to Fender co. for bringing back some cool styles. 
No, I love that guitar. I thought I was the only one. If a spaceship ate a cadillac it would digest it and shit that guitar out.
I absolutely love the Billy-BO, don't know if I'll ever go out and get one, but I do love it!!!
sundin4prez said:
i like the guitar , but i definitly dont like the price.....2600 :eek: :eek:

Thats why I think this one would be a good one for Warmoth.  An unfinished mahogany w/ binding on one side would probably be under $300.  Grab a LP neck to go with it and you have yourself a good little project.
W would probably be able to build that as a custom body order, but I don't think they would deem it plausible as a permanent addition to their range. :dontknow:
If Warmoth isn't going to offer a Dano Longhorn or Mosrite style body (for all the reasons I've been given here by various people who seem to be somewhat in the know), then I wouldn't hold my breath for this thing (as cool as it is).

As willyk says, I'm sure they could do it as a custom shape for you, but I don't think we'd ever see it in the permanent, stock line-up over the two that I've requested/asked about (which have more players and widespread popularity/sales than the Billy Bo). If they wanted to add all three, then yeah...that would indeed be AWESOME! I'd build one of each, I think.

But yeah, I would dig a guitar in that shape...I love how it looks (for the same reason I love Longhorns, Mosrites, Jazzmasters and other non-standard - ie Strat and Tele - shapes).
Good enough for the Duchess, good enough for me.


What more reason do you need?

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