am i the only one in pennsylvania?

I grew up about 100 miles from Lancaster, PA

and now live about 10 miles from Lancaster, CA

I realize that neither of those points of trivia help you in ANY way, shape, or form, but I'm currently procrastinating from Saturday afternoon house work .... and this is certainly the place to do it.
Same here... so I make photoshops...


Because if God's grandma made a pie... it would be called Pizza. And it was good.
Look at that... John/Peter/whoever put his arm right in the pizza. Jesus' pizza. And everybody else noticed.

  That's a pretty good edit and I agree that pizza is a gift from on High entrusted to the mom and pop pizza parlors on the east coast.  Accordingly, I fear that the large chains (Domino's, Little Ceasar's, etc) "may" one day be the object of God's limitless wrath. (although I admit to resorting to those places in a pinch ... when living on the opposite side of the country)

I had pizza last night.......Pizza Hut thin crust pepperoni and pineapple......mmmmmmmmmm.... :laughing7: