About how long...


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Should I expect to wait for my body and neck and other misc. items that i ordered. The body was from the showcase along with the neck so nothing was totally "custom" per say, The neck finishing thing said 3-4 weeks but what about he body and bridge and other random parts? Just wondering when i should expect things or what the average time is. Thanks, -jc
Did you ask the experts?  I always ask Warmoth, and they have been very accurate.  11 weeks for a custom body and paint.  A little over a week for a showcase neck (no paint - Indian Rosewood).
No I haven't asked warmoth but since it was all showcase things with minimal or no work I'm hoping to have it within a month or so just curious about other peoples experiences since this is my first time ordering from them.
Took me a little less than a month to get my finished body, a bit more than a month to get my neck, which they had to finish (frets, finish etc).  Accessories seemed to be shipped within a day or so of order.  So I'd say a month is reasonable.  If it's totally finished maybe less.
I ordered both body and neck off the showcase. They said 3-4 weeks to me as well for the finish on the neck and I got them both after 4 weeks. All the way to Norway :icon_thumright: