8 Strings Bass


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How do works the 8 strings bass of Warmoth??? The most ones I saw was 4 tunning machines of bass and 4 of guitar... The Warmoths has 8 bass tunning machines holes... Is it for octave strings alike the others 8 string basses? Did the guitar strings works fine with bass tunning machines??  :icon_scratch:
yeah think of a 12 string guitar and take away the high e and b string.  bass tuners should work fine.

i want one of these!
good idea, a low b with an octave. i think the low b has little to no tone, so i try to avoid 5 strings, and i kick my self every time i look at my 5 string i worked my ass of for, to get something i hate now.  please educate your kids before letting them make that choice. 
any way, a light gage b like a 120, an and octave would be cool.
You'd be limiting yourself by doing this, but you could do some amazing solo stuff if you took that lowest octave string, put on something a bit heavier, and instead made it a "major third" string, or a "fifth" string.
or do something even weirder and tune it to f#  http://www.warwickbass.com/basses/vampyre_darklord.htm

or get a 12 string, and tune one to a fifth, and the other to an octave so its a root fifth octave chord. auto funk.
or tune one flat and one sharp and leave the root standard.

one guy i saw tuned one octave string one octave higher so its an octave of the octave.

octave octave octave thats a lot of octave.