8 - 9 - 10 String Guitar Necks


The world of 'Extended Range Guitar' is moving forward - membership of www.sevenstring.org is now over 5,000 subscribed
and climbing.

From the growing interest in creating  'Extended Range' 8 - 9 - 10 String Guitars,
KAHLER has produced 8 - 9 - 10 String Guitar Vibrato Systems - also available in 'Fanned Fret' versions - right now.

EMG has newly created pick_ups for 8 string and 10 string Guitars - available now.

7 string Guitarists / Builders appreciate the efforts Warmoth made in crafting their 7 string Guitar Neck offering.

It is our hope that Warmoth planners will see the merit in developing a 10 string Guitar Neck - for what will be
the 'Final Frontier'.

Players being drawn from the Classic 10 string instrument of the Narcisso Yepes School, 'Shredders' and those
Instrumentalists seeking the utmost in breadth of scope for Guitar could then benefit from Warmoths compound radius,
'Fanned Fret' Design and Excellent Craftsmanship.

It's asking Alot - yet it will put Warmoth on the Crest of the 'Extended Range' Wave - World Wide.