5-string Koa J-bass


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This build was for a friend of mine...I ended up doing another almost clone of it, for someone else, except with chrome hardware.  I miss this bass, wish I'd made one for myself!

Body is koa, finished with a tung oil / varnish blend.  The neck is goncalo alves with a pau ferro fretboard.  Pickups are two Alnico Musicman styles from Seymour Duncan, and the pots are in a conventional V/V/T format, but the array of miniswitches are somewhat strange in that there are two on/off switches for the pickups, and two series parallel switches for each pickup.  Strange, I know, but I liked the idea of complete control, allowing you to essentially kill the sound without using the volume pot.  The tone was huge on this thing.  I tended to prefer bridge in series when I used it, it just punched through, low and clear.  A bit on the heavy side, but it was a massive bass so that is to be expected.


Droolin over the koa / gold combo. Looks super classy!

Great build and great pics!