3 way toggle

TBurst Std

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Acquired a guitar that has a 3 way toggle switch for the 2 pups. Std stuff. It will only stay in the neck position for about 3 seconds and then kicks over to middle.

As I won’t have time to tear into this until the weekend, what says you? Switch is circa 1999 so not old. Will a good Detox do or do I need to lift the guard and mess with springs. Or a new switch.

Trying to get an idea of this is a 2 sec job, or a 2 hr job.
Me ... after I've checked the switch for something loose, and that fails I get a new one. Sometimes you can just push something back into place and you're good.
Is the switch able to travel the full way or is it being blocked by the bezel/nut?

If you pull it out it should be pretty easy to identify the side that needs bent (if at all, but confirm the switch is traveling the full throw first!)

It’s fairly easy to take apart a Switchcraft, just two screws.
The best 3-way toggle is the Dimarzio 1111. It's at least 30 bucks, but well worth it, and provides numerous wiring options in addition to the standard configuration.