1968 Super Reverb


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Any thoughts on this?


I've never seen a 4-10" version of the Reverb.

I really want a Twin Reverb, so I'm wondering if this might be a good opportunity.



It looks clean, but those pics ain't the greatest (get closeups from the seller if you're biting; especially of the t00bs with the backplate removed).

The price is right assuming it's clean.

Ask if any mods were done to it.  Also ask if seller has any clips... or if you're near, to hear it/try it in person.

I'm not a Fender-head (I'm a Marshall-head who will soon be getting a Blackface Deluxe), but from what I hear, Silverfaces (the chrome-y looking panels) aren't as desirable as Blackfaces or Brownfaces.  When CBS bought Fender there were a couple years immediately after whereupon the circuit stayed the same as the Blackface era (but with Silverface panels), but then they started doing some changes to the circuits to make the amps more "efficient" (roughly - "cleaner"), and in the process lost some of that "vintage Fender amp vibe".

As well, you might have to do the 3 prong power cord/remove the death cap mod... I'm not sure what year it was when Fender started using 3 prong power cords with a proper earth.

It's a wise thing to study up on what you're thinking of buying... and as always, caveat emptor.

I'll ask my buddies for their opinions as well....
Here's what they're saying:

"The only thought I can pass along is I have a '70 with alnicos and the tone is stunning."

"Seems to be a fair price too. It sure looks clean."

So, barring anything unusual, I'd say "check it out!".  You live nearby the amp?  Go and personally check it out.
A friend of mine has one that is very similar.  It needed some new electrolytics, the death cap removal, 3 prong plug addition, and one of the speakers was toast, but now it is a great sounding amp.  It is the AB763 design.  For anyone that is interested, Fender used the same circuit for about 7 different models of amps, just changing the transformers and tubes.  So the real difference between a Deluxe Reverb and Super Reverb of the same era is the trannies and 6L6 vs 6V6's.  That is the circuit that most of the surf tones came from, and still has enough grit to really rock out.  Fun amp.

Since it is transition Super Reverb where they went from a Blackface circuit to Silverface it may well have Blackface components in it.  They used what was laying around so some of the early ones are Blackface circuits.  I bought a 1968 Deluxe and it had 1965 transformers in it so it was easy to change to Blackface astatically by replacing the faceplate and the baffle. The heart of a Blackface Super is the output transformer so if it has a blackface style output transformer it will sound real good with a tune up by the right tech.  If it has a silverface transformer you can get a Mercury Magnetics Tone Clone and make that a smoking amp for a couple hundred more.   The price is a fair deal if the amp sounds good.  I would like it better if it had the original CTS speakers in it. You might want to try and talk him down since it is missing the CTS speakers.
Cool, thanks for the advice, all. I do live near the amp, which is why it caught my eye.

He's been trying to sell it on Craigslist for a few weeks now. My hope is that he'll still have it when I'm done with my move (provided my savings account isn't completely destroyed!)

Is there an easy way to visually tell whether the amp has blackface circuitry?
exalted said:
Is there an easy way to visually tell whether the amp has blackface circuitry?

Just saw this thread, so sorry for my late response.

It's likely all blackface in there - but you won't know unless you open it up and look in some critical areas.  You could ask to see inside and get some closeup shots of the board/components in good light.  Post them and I can tell you quicky.  In any event, it's very easy to convert it to black face specs - I've done several. 

It's a great amp - get it.

get it.

get it.


before I do....  :)
Haha, well alright, then. I'll start looking around the house - see what I can sell off.