1.650" nut ? Anyone has one ?


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Hi All !

I own a strat with a Musikraft neck with a 1.650" nut width.

When I measure it, is does seem to be actually a little smaller than 1.650", which is great ! but I find this neck  to be a little too wide as I go up the neck, from 7th fret and upwards.

BUT I measured som fenders that I like a lot, that also on paper has 1.650" nut ! but they are even smaller, not quite 1-5/8". Somewhere in between the 1-5/8" and 1.650".

I asked warmoth and they say a 1.650" neck should be 2.03” at the 12th fret. My Musikraft is also a tiny but more narrow at the 12 fret. 

I used to play a 1-5/8" strat but found it to be a little too narrow, but I find my current Musikraft 1.650" neck to be too wide as I go up the neck, from 7th fret and upwards.

I also tried a friends musikraft with a 1.650" neck, and it was more narrow at the 12th fret, so I am a little bit confused with all the variations... which makes it hard to choose what nut to order and from where to order.

My question is, can anyone of you measure your warmoth 1.650" neck at 1st and 12th fret and send the actual real life measurments to me please ?

It would help out a great deal !


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Remember necks are sanded and there will be within a certain tolerance variations. So real or theoretical measurements may not match something that you order from anywhere exactly. And two necks with measurements that are the same in width at a given point may feel different to you.

When you say too wide I assume how it feels to you?  If so it may not be just the actual width but the feel of a profile and playing style etc.