weird bands... I love them


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I really love weird bands.  I was wondering what the weirdest bands you guys like are.

My favorite totally crazy band is Ween... I think they reach Zappa levels of insanity a lot of the time.  Zappa was and is great too.  And of course I love my Andrew Bird, but I don't think he is as crazy, even when he writes songs about having conversations with armchairs and sea slugs. 

Captain Beefheart is classic of course, and Floyd did some pretty trippy stuff.  I also like Modest Mouse and Gogol Bordello with their Start Wearing Purple song. 
These bands are really normal.  Well, ok captain Beefheart is pretty strange.

If you want wierd, check out FurnaceFace!

I seem to like artists that are more mildy strange than actually strange strange. Tom Waits, Björk, Talking Heads, King Crimson, Sufjan Stevens, the Nits (dutch band), Silverbullit (Swedish band aka Citizen Bird in the US) and bob hund/Bergman Rock (Swedish band/their English-speaking incarnation). My attention starts to wander when things get weird for weirdness' sake. Of course, the definition of "weird" is very individual :)
Captain Beefheart is a mild obsession of mine.  Some other weirdos not yet metioned are Einsturzende Neubaten, The Boredoms, Melt Banana, Captured by Robots.  I find Johnathan Richmond and the Modern Lovers to be very strange, but in a low-key way.  Love them all!
Check out "Man Man" - they're kind of weird

TMBG are kind of weird in a geeky kind of way. No one sounds like them.

Then there's Mr. Bungle, The Residents, Butthole Surfers (big influence on Ween) - Cibo Matto were kind of weird, Primus were pretty weird...

and of course who could forget DEVO??

possibly my all time favorite video:

Did they do 'Detachable Penis?'

What a great story, and I was so glad he found it back... there it a fleamarket next to a toaster oven..
Mr. Bungle

guitlouie said:
Melt Banana

Heh, I am currently wearing a T-shirt that says Melt Banana.  I know nothing about the band, though (the shirt is a copy of an old concert poster, where Melt Banana opened for the Melvins).

My favorite weird band is the Flaming Lips.  I also like Talking Heads.  Radiohead kinda falls into this category too.  King Crimson and Zappa are TOO weird for me :p
I've listened to Zappa so much that I find nothing weird about him or his music anymore. The guy was one of the sanest people, though a incredible workaholic. I kind of feel like he's nomal and everyone else is kind of weird. You're very normal if you think Radiohead or the Flaming Lips are weird. You need to Freak Out! a little.

I think anyone that digs electric guitar should definitely own "Discipline" by King Crimson. That album holds up so well  - it's really amazing.
OK - I'll post this instead - the video is brilliant :laughing7:
Les Claypool's stuff, from Primus to C2B3


Sunn O)))

Weird Al Yankovic qualifies

I thought the Gorillaz were pretty weird

That's about all I can think of for now, perhaps more when I get home  :laughing7:
These guys are pretty out there, IMO