texas specials


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i have a mij 58 reissue strat with texas specials in the neck and middle (and a lil 59 in the bridge).

the neck pickup sounds louder than the middle.

is this normal?

i thought from the neck to bridge, the power specifications go up and so gets louder?
I think the neck and middle pickups are only different in that the middle is RW/RP.

The neck would have more output than the middle if adjusted to the same distance from the strings...
This is due to the greater vibration over the neck pickup.

I normally adjust the neck pickup a bit further away from the strings than the middle one.
This will give you a balanced output on these two pickups.

The lil'59 will be louder if adjusted to the same distance...
vtpcnk said:
what is RW/RP?

Reverse wound / reverse polarity.  Makes it so that when the middle and neck or middle and bridge are both on they act as humbuckers and cancel any common mode noise (60Hz power hum).

Does not have any effect on volume.
well i checked and the neck is actually a bit lower than the middle.

so i guess i either have to lower it further or increase the height of the middle?

when i first noticed this i thought maybe the middle pickup had lost its power. is that possible due to age etc? my strat body is like from the mid 80s.