Tele 3 way wiring diagram that works with Warmoth CRL3?


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I've tried wiring diagrams from SD, Stewmac and any other I could Google. The best I can get is neck - x- bridge. Does anyone have a diagram that actually works with this switch?

My top lug is on the right side of the switch. When I tried a mirror image of that SD diagram, I still have only neck and bridge but now they are reversed on the selector switch. 
This happened to me.  The one piece of wire that goes along the backbone of the switch has to be reversed, or from _/- to -\_ if that makes any sense.  Then the hot wire from the pick up has to be put on the opposite side of the switch, along the long axis/backbone, not just the mirror image.  If you look at the connections on the switch itself it helps.  I hope that this is not as clear as mud.  I would take a pict, but I am not with my guitar right now.