Simple Question About Strat Tremolo for Mooncaster


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Hi all, first post here.  I'm planning my first Warmoth build, a Mooncaster.  So simple (maybe painfully obvious) question, when you choose a strat-style tremolo/bridge system, is the back also routed for the springs?  And do all trem/bridge styles include their required rear route?

More generally, since I'm a novice here, are there any unforeseen issues I'm going to run into by putting a Strat-style trem on a Mooncaster body?  I've yet to find a Mooncaster online that isn't hardtail or some form of top mount.

Thanks for any help!  I hope to start buying parts asap, when the day comes I'll start a thread about the build.


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I think that the mooncaster is setup for a TOM tailpiece.  I suspect that the neck pocket is already angled for that.

If you're going for a strat trem, I think you should give them a call and talk to them about the bridge geometry to ensure the string height will line up.  You can confirm the springs at the same time, but I'm 99% sure that the spring recess will be routed if you choose any strat-style vibrato.


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Yes, if you order a body from Warmoth that offers the option for tremolo routs the recess at the back of the body is automatically provided whether you choose a Floyd Rose, vintage Strat type or some other type.

As the tremolo or hardtail TOM type option is offered for Mooncaster's any neck angle difference I would suspect that Warmoth take into account dependent on the bridge type used.


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Great idea.  The Mooncaster is one that taunts me.  If I make another Warmoth, it will most likely be that.  Yes, if get a trem route, it will be like a Strat would the wood removed from the back.

On the previous Warmoth site, they had an area showing the builds people would make.  I just looked, and can't find it, but I do remember seeing a few examples of Mooncasters with trems.