Shark navigator lift-away deluxe NV360


Robot vacuums are gaining traction for their convenience and ease of use. These days, most vacuum manufacturers have at least a few models of robots on the shelf. However, for those keen on using powerful and multi-functional vacuums, uprights are probably still irreplaceable.

They're packed with excellent suction power and a set of different tools to use on various floor types and off-floor surfaces. Better still, they're usually more affordable than robots. The Shark vacuum NV360 is a typical example, and this review from TheKingLive will take you through its specs before diving deeper into its most notable features.

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1. Specifications

  • Dimensions: 14.96’’ x 11.4’’ x 45.5’’
  • Weight: 12.5 pounds
  • Wattage: 1200 W
  • HEPA filter included
  • Length of power cord: 25 feet.
  • Dust cup capacity: 1.2 quarts
  • Swivel steering head
  • Detachable canister

2. Excellent Versatility

Uprights are known for their bulky design, and this is a somewhat undeniable fact. However, not all uprights are difficult to maneuver due to their weight. For example, the Shark NV360 bagless vacuum comes with a lift-away canister, allowing users to lift their canister up, making vacuuming your floor a walk in the park.

So you no longer need to lug around a heavy upright from one room to another and suffer from back pain afterwards. In addition, cleaning off-floor areas like stairs, sofa, or even vehicle interiors is no longer a challenge.

This blue Shark vacuum's brush roll switching on and off provision also further enhances its versatility. Since most of our flooring is a mix of carpets and hardwood, equipping ourselves with a cleaning tool that can work well on different floor types is an ideal choice.

The Shark NV360 features a switch right above its dust canister, allowing users to turn the brush roll on when they need to vacuum carpeted surfaces and turn it off when working on wood or tile floors. The feature for switching the brush roll on and off makes this machine stand out from others on the market for its excellent versatility.

3. Great User Experience

While most other Shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360 reviews focus on its suction strength, I think it would be helpful if I also go into some features that prove the excellent utility of the Shark NV360.

If you're a frequent vacuum user, you probably know some basic tips to vacuum your floors, like picking up your kids' toys or moving your furniture to one side before vacuuming. However, if you purchase the Shark NV360, you might no longer need to move your sofa or cabinets around the house.

Thanks to a swivel steering head, the tool has a rotating neck that provides quick-moving action for this upright. As a result, users can navigate around obstacles and furniture with little effort. So no dust or debris has a chance to hide.

Allergy sufferers or those with respiratory-related diseases would also find the Shark navigator lift away deluxe nv360 upright vacuum a lifesaver. It features a HEPA filter - capable of picking up ultrafine particles. So dander, mold, and pollen can't irritate you anymore.

In addition, its Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology can capture more than 99.9% of allergens and dust inside your vacuum. So your house would be dust-free.

Robot vacuum cleaners can set us free from tedious vacuuming tasks. Still, its limited dust capacity is one of the biggest drawbacks that keep me from using this smart home appliance. I still stick to upright machines like the Shark NV360 for their large dust container.

What is more, it's also easy to empty, so if you have kids, pets, and teenagers in the house, emptying it frequently to keep your house clean and tidy shouldn't be a problem.

4. Pet-friendly Operation

Pet owners all know too well that dealing with their pet's hair is one of the biggest challenges for most vacuum cleaners. Unfortunately, no matter how well you take care of your house, pet fur can be found everywhere, from the sofa to the stairs.

During the rainy season, we can even find ourselves cleaning mud from muddy paws on our carpets.

Our four-legged friends are perfect members of the family, but we all have to admit that they're messy, and training them to keep things organized can take a bit of time. The good news is that the Shark NV360 comes with a set of useful tools for homes with pets.

For example, the pet power brush has an air-driven bristle that can effectively pick up ground-in pet fur from rugs, carpets, and sofas.

Besides, the Shark Navigator Lift-away Deluxe NV360 upright vacuum also has an upholstery tool and crevice tool. The upholstery tool provides direct suction power on upholstery fiber, making your tasks of vacuuming upholstered surfaces a breeze.

Likewise, the crevice tool's slim shape and angled tip can help you clean tight spots like baseboards or between sofa cushions with little effort. So no matter how much pet hair is hidden in these spots, picking them up is totally manageable.


5. Impressive Suction Strength

Reliable Shark navigator NV360 reviews should be those that convince readers about the reliability and durability of this upright. And this review from TheKingLive is no exception.

One important factor of a good vacuum is its suction power, and the Shark NV360 will hardly disappoint you with its powerful digital motor. It can rotate 110,000 times/minute, providing users with excellent power to vacuum multiple surfaces in no time.

If you are wondering how to make laminate floors shine - how to shine laminate wood floors , do not underestimate the outstanding cleaning capabilities of this upright from Shark. Thanks to a suction rating of 270 air watts, it can gobble up even the finest dirt particles from your hardwood floors.

More importantly, it provides much better power than a conventional machine as the tool is equipped with the innovative 2 Tier Radial Cyclone suction technology. For those asking what this does to the machine, here is a quick explanation: this innovation can effectively separate dust from the air around our living space, which means the vacuum's filters are clog-free, ensuring its consistent suction power.

Now, why try to look for laminate floor polish while you can just pick up a well-engineered upright vacuum like the Shark NV360?

The bottom line

Trusted and unbiased Shark NV360 reviews help customers make well-informed purchase decisions, and I hope this short yet thorough review has provided you with useful insights about this upright vacuum.

Shark has a wide range of inexpensive yet well-made uprights, but the Shark NV360 is probably one of the best for its price range. It has a simple yet intuitive design coupled with powerful suction to ensure that your vacuuming tasks are effortless. Last but not least, it costs only $169.99 with a five-year warranty. A real bargain!
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Those necks state on the website "Available in 30" or 32" scale. Works with Warmoth Short Scale bodies only."

So it is highly unlikely that it would fit a Mustang body. In other words I would not attempt it as it will not be a drop in fit and might not intonate.