Satin Wipe-On Poly, OR Tung-Oil on Black Korina. Q's.


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Hey guys,

I'm planning my next Warmoth build, and have a few questions on finishing.  I want to do a really raw looking axe, just some sort of simple finish.  I'm going to do a Black Korina Soloist Hardtail.

Q1. Which finish is clearer?  Satin Poly, or Tung Oil. I want to keep the wood as colorless and natural as possible. Not looking to add any tint.

Q2. Would doing either on a non-filled wood look completely terrible?

I've done the wipe on poly satin on a bunch of necks, and loved the results so far. I'm kinda leaning towards that, unless anyone sways me towards tung oil for good reason.



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tung oil will add a bit of tint, and be a lot more work, but probably give a lot better result. I've only used wipe-on poly once (it was stain/poly combo) and I thought it was just ok-looking, but certainly easy to use.