Notification that neck has shipped!


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Just got notified via e-mail that my custom order neck has shipped and should be delivered on 28 Apr.  I'll post pics as soon as I get them.

Ordered 24.75 scale warmoth peghead, Bubinga/Ebony with Celtic Cross inlays.  59 Roundback Contour.

All other pieces/parts are in so once I get home next month, I will introduce all the parts to one another!

The Wife just sent me this Pic!  Hope to see it for real in a week or so.  Then I'll post a proper photo spread of body and neck!


Can't seem to get it to load so I posted the link.  What is the trick to get pics to automatically load from a link?

All I can say is Holy Cow!  Just got home from Afghanistan today and got to see all my parts up close and in person.  I know everyone says it, but pictures just do not do what Warmoth has sent my justice.  The body and neck are stellar.  I'll be taking some proper pics in the next day or so and post them for all to see.  The neck body fit is like a glove.  If thing ends up sounding 1/10 as good as it looks, it will be my new fav guitar.

Welcome back to the USA, Riverbluff. What a beautiful neck & body you've got (talking about yer guitar!).  :party07: :party07:
Welcome stateside and sweet neck!  Looking forward to the day that I hear my neck has shipped!
Good to hear you are home safe.  That is a sweet looking piece o' lumber you had waiting for you.