No knobs, No switches!


Hey, do any of you guys have guitars that do not have any knobs or switches on them at all? Would love to see some pictures and hear your opinions! Thanks
No, I prefer controls and switches.

I suppose if you had one pickup a la EVH perhaps just a volume knob might suffice.
I suppose it might work if you had a cable with an on/off switch.
I mean, there are reasons to do so. Specifically, an active volume pedal will keep your frequency response flat as you roll off unlike a passive setup. But I wouldn’t want to be tied to my pedalboard.

I did just modify this Esquire down to the bare minimum and added a humbucker:

Just plug it in and go? Nope.

Most el strippo I've seen was a 2 pickup guitar with individual volumes.
If you guys check out some of the guitars Karl Sanders from Nile plays you’ll see what I mean. He uses a volume pedal instead of a volume knob. Some of his guitars don’t have volume or tone knobs or any switches. I like the clean look they have and he says it affects the tone as well.
Same as using a zero load pot.

I prefer using the guitars vol knob for the gain (and tonal) adjustments. I use my vol pedal post everything so I can control vol without altering gain or tonal structure.

I can’t always rely on the sound dude de jour to do that.
With a suitable pedalboard that should be very doable, and yes, the less ”circuit” you have in the guitar the more output you will get. However, the tone might not be what you want. Pickups are usually voiced for guitars with a volume and a tone (which affect the sound), so removing them might make the pickup sound bad. I asked the manufacturer when I made my guitar, and that pickup (Pariah Pasadena White) has been voiced in a guitar that only has a a volume, so I planned the ”circuit” around it, accordingly.