Loaded Warmoth Les Paul bass body


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Hello everyone,

I am selling a loaded Warmoth LP bass body. These have since been discontinued. Below are the specs

Core: Mahogany
Top: Zebrawood
Other features: contoured neck pocket, copper shielded internals
Pickups: SD 1/4lb P and 1/4lb J
Electronics: 18v active Aguilar OP-3
Pot Configuration: Volume, Blend, Bass/treble stacked, mid w/ push/pull (two different mid frequencies)

As it stands now I have a spare pbass special neck to make it functional which I am also willing to sell (+$50). With this neck (maple/maple with standard tuners) the bass is very balanced in the seated position. This bass is very hot with plenty of sculpting ability to alter tone. I hate to get rid of such a beautiful bass but I am moving to a smaller space with my partner and cant spare the room so I have to downsize. The bass is pretty flawless aside from one tiny ding near the bottom bridge pin on the side. Price for loaded body is $500 (+50 if you want the neck too) plus shipping


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