Floyd Rose on 24” Scale Length?


Question for the forum: Does anyone know whether it is possible to use a Floyd Rose on a 24” scale length guitar? I have a 7/8 S-Style with a Mustang neck. It’s a lot of fun to play. But now I’m thinking of doing a similar style “super 7/8 s-style” with a 24 inch neck and a Floyd Rose. But I wonder whether there is enough string movement on the Floyd for such a critter to intonate correctly? On my current S-style I have to remove the tremolo saddle springs for the G to get it far enough back…so that has me worried that there might not be enough adjustment room on a Floyd to make it work.
I would suspect with a Floyd Rose you may have more adjustable range for a 7/8 body with a Mustang neck. However I am not sure a Mustang neck is offered with a Floyd Rose locking nut option.

A good option may be a Mustang neck with an LSR nut, locking tuners and use a Floyd Rose Non Fine tuner.

Here is a shot (that I took for another purpose) of the NFT Floyd mounted on the posts screwed into the bushings with the low E moved back to its full range. It can be seen from this the saddles have a lot of range and that there are actually three mounting holes along the length of the bridge where the saddles can be secured. In this regard the saddles and mounting points are similar on a fine tuner OFR. Other dimensions of an NFT and OFR differ.

build1 by stratamania, on Flickr