1972 Les Paul Custom Limited Ed.


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Well, gang, it's come to this - time to let Leon's guitar go.  It's just never gonna get played.  We have children to raise.  The math ain't that hard.
A couple photos inline below; more at the ebay listing.  Bidding is at 2999 at the moment; my buy-it-now price is 4500, you pay shipping.


Les Paul Custom Limited Edition - 1972 manufacture, 1954 feature set.

The 1954 Les Paul Custom was resurrected in the early 1970's, some say using the original 1954 parts that had been stored in the Gibson shop all those years.  This is one of the 1972 Limited Edition Customs.  This is an all-mahogany body - no maple cap - as was the case for the original 1954's.  I believe but am not absolutely certain this unit was built in 1972 - pot codes read 1377233, which indicates manufacture date in 33rd week of 1972.

The guitar is equipped with a P90 single coil in the bridge position, and the staple-pole-piece Alnico pickup in the neck position.  Switching and other electronics are standard Les Paul configuration - 3-way toggle, two volume, two tone.  The original pots, Sprague capacitors and solder joints are evident in the photographs.  There is some oxidation on some of the metal parts, but there is no impairment of functionality.  The guitar is also equipped with the original "fretless wonder" low-profile frets.  They are playable, but to the modern player they may feel unusually low.

The truss-rod cover appears to be after-market - the original must have gotten lost in the depths of time.

Likewise, the original owner replaced the stock Tune-o-Matic bridge with a rosewood or ebony archtop-style bridge with mother-of-pearl inlays - it looks sexy, but the saddle will need replacing.  I have set it up with a Korean tune-o-matic but you can either re-install the archtop bridge with a new saddle for a real sophisticated look, or upgrade to a higher-quality TOM.

The photos also depict some cosmetic blemishes - the guitar appears to have been knocked on its edge between the output jack and the rear strap button at some point, and there's a corresponding ding in the binding and paint nearby.  See photo.

This guitar has had three owners - the original purchaser, then my father-in-law to whom he gave it, and then me.

The original case is lost as well, but I include a brand-new SKB TSA-latched case ($145 retail value).

Pay-pal or cash-in-hand only.  US and Canada purchasers only.  I am located in Silicon Valley, CA for anyone who wants to try it out in person.



Always sad to see a good instrument go. But, if it isn't getting used, there's not much point in hanging on to it. Especially if it's worth some significant money. You can always turn that into something you will use. I'd suggest an Axe Fx II.